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18k Gold Filled Designer Love Hoop Earrings
with Niobium (Nb) Earpins.

For the look of fine designer gold that won't break the bank! 18kt. Gold Fill earrings are light weight approximately 1+1/3 inch diameter. Light weight and pretty. Anodized golden Niobium Earpins to match, so only pure elements touch your sensitive skin! Snap down closure makes them easy to put on and take off. Design is stamped on the outside of these matching left and right earrings. For daytime/dry wear only. Click on picture for a detailed view. Limited Supply.

Titanium Niobium Decorative Hoop Earrings

Click on picture
for larger view.
Price Per Pair: $40.00

Gold plated faceted 4mm or 6mm Swarovski Crystal Chanel Drops
for your Anodized Golden "Change-able" hooks available seperately HERE. This is a blow out sale. Limited colors are available and if they sell out of your color choices, I will substitute a like color for you or email you to make another choice. Click on picture for a larger view

Price Per 6mm Pair: $10.00

Choose Crystal Color:

Price Per TWO 4mm Pair: $10.00

Just tell me in the note section of the check out page, which two color catagories you would like. The 3 color catagory choices are Pink/Purple, Lt. Green/Dk. Green, or Ruby.

Soft Rubber Clutch Backs
Overstock. Grab a bunch! About 4mm long by 3mm wide. Great for posts or hook earrings!

Price Per 10 Pair: $2.00

Pure Grade-1 Titanium Clutch Backs
These Titanium clutches are a perfect alternative to rubber clutches for people who are allergic to rubber. Titanium Clutch Backs fit best onto Titanium Manufactured Posts which have not been custom cut.

Price Per 2 Pair: $4.00

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Pay online, by mail, or by phone.

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