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How To Wear Earrings Again

Your first purchase from me needs to be (or include) a pair of "starter sleeper healing" earrings. Even if your ears seem to currently be healed and healthy, you need to wear a pair of Non-allergenic earrings 24/7 for the first two to eight weeks (depending on how bad the condition of your earlobes are). This will serve to stretch your currently shrunken piercings to the appropriate size for wearing earrings, and will get your ears used to wearing earrings again.

You will need to specifically wear healing earrings during this time as they are the only 100% Non-allergenic earrings that can be worn into the shower or pool and not interfere with your healing process. My healing earrings are also designed for comfort during sleep as you get used to them in your ears.

Your first pair of healing earrings will arrive to you with complete care instructions based on decades of allergy experience and over sixteen thousand clients who suffer from contact allergies, just like you. Please be sure to follow the instructions exactly and do not add to or subtract from any products or processes that I recommend.

This is urgently important because it is not just the material of the earrings that can cause allergic reaction to those of us who suffer with contact allergies, but also the products we put onto our ears (even topical medications which are prescribed by a doctor) as well as the process we follow for care.

If you have already purchased your healing earrings from me, and are waiting for them and care instructions to arrive, but need help for an active case of exzema, allergic reaction, or newly pierced ears please contact me. You can email me or text me at my cell number.

You can graduate to the prettier Non-healing earrings that I offer, once your piercings fully heal with my Pure Grade 1-2 Titanium or Niobium "Starter/Healing" Earrings. My Non-healing earrings have only Titanium or Niobium which touches the skin, which allows us to wear traditional jewelry which will not cause us allergic reaction. Non-healing earrings are designed with "dry wear & daytime wear" only in mind .. as they may not be appropriate for showering in, swimming in, or wearing to bed.


Eczema and Infection closely mimic one another. If you are suffering from an infection, you may want to see your Doctor about it. If your Doctor wants to prescribe you an Anti-biotic, be sure to ask him for an oral (taken by mouth) medication and NOT a topical one. This is because topical medications contain known contact allergy causing ingredients which you do not want touching your skin. Tell your doctor that you have contact allergies.

Need to know if you have an allergic reaction (symptoms include lymph seepage) or an infection (symptom include pus/blood)? Take a look at the information below.

photos and information are copyright protected - all rights reserved

Above: Pus is thick and white to yellowish in color and commonly seen in infection but never seen in eczema unless a secondary infection is present.

photos and information are copyright protected - all rights reserved

Above: Wet Eczema is Plasma or Lymph seeping out of the damaged skin is a classic allergic reaction. Lymph is a thin watery transparent clear to yellowish color, which dries and "crusts" onto the skin.


Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have during the healing period, as my follow-up care is included in the price of your earrings. I have helped tens of thousands of people all over the world to heal their pierced ears, and I have their experience (as well as my own) to help you too.

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Wear Earrings Again
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