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ACD & Eczema ~ A little of my research about Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) and Eczema. Many of the most common allergens and what products they are found in. Learn to be a label reader!

Non-Toxic, Hypo-allergenic Home ~ My own collection of recipes and procedures for the non-toxic and hypo-allergenic care and cleaning of our body, our home, and our stuff.

Metals & Elements ~ A little information about Metals and Elements used in jewelry and implantation. Alloy allergy focus.

Mr.Titanium ~ This site is everything Titanium. Art, Jewelry, Science. Mr. Titanium also carries many grades of Titanium and pure Niobium earring parts so you can make your own custom creations. His amazing wear-able art is not only beautiful, but made completely of the purest and non-allergenic Grade-1 Titanium! Take a moment to visit my Colleague's site - you'll be glad you did!

Blomdahlusa ~ Blomdahl has combined non-allergenic, non-alloyed "Pure Grade Titanium" with "FDA Medical Compliance" in their grade-A quality manufactured designs. They have a large selection of Titanium and Nickel-free Plastic earrings that may work for you. They have beautiful daytime dry-wear only earrings, that have no alloys in direct contact with the skin. Take a moment to visit my Colleague's site - you'll be glad you did!

Neometal ~ Neometal is a manufacturer of Surgical Implant Grade (23) Titanium body jewelry, as well as 14kt. Gold. Although this grade of Titanium is alloyed (I do not recommend for unhealed piercings of Allergy sufferers) it is perfectly wearable once your piercings are healed with my Non-allergenic healing earrings and care protocol. Their patented designs are both beautiful and comfortable to wear. Email me if you are interested in their products.

TheZenLady ~ The ZenLady makes and sells other's hand made Titanium and Niobium products. It is good to see more and more sources of jewelry we can wear so we can expand our jewelry box collections. Take a moment to visit my Colleague's site - you'll be glad you did!

Conatact Allergies ~Science Daily, July 2011.

DermNet AZ ~ New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated.

Contact Allergen Database ~ A really cool site where you can look up specific allergens and allergies.

A Guide to Less Toxic Products ~ If you have allergies, you may also be very interested in reading this. Remember that Natural and Non-allergenic are two different things. Here is some helpful information for the label reader. Find out how we are making ourselves sick, and what to do about it.

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