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How to Get Pierced Ears:

1. Purchase a pair of my starter/healing earrings from my STARTER EARRINGS page or my KIDS EARRINGS page.

My healing earrings are far superior for anyone who suffers with contact allergies than anything else you can buy. This is because they are made of 100% pure and natural (unalloyed) Niobium and Titanium which will give you the best opportunity for your piercings to heal.

My healing earrings come with detailed instructions for the 100% Non-allergenic care of your ears and earrings. Not only do our earrings need to be 100% Pure and Non-allergenic, but so also does the products and proceedures you use during piercing and healing. Always follow my instructions which came with your healing earrings exactly, without adding to or taking away from them .... no matter who tells you otherwise.

The price of my earrings include full follow-up care should a problem or question arise. I have the experience of tens of thousands of clients world wide, who suffer with contact allergies just like you do, and I am confident I've been through every situation that can occur. I am ready and able to share this experience with you to ensure your successful healing and ability to Wear Earrings Again.

My healing earrings are Money Back Guaranteed to be Non-allergenic. Don't buy your healing earrings from anyone who is not willing to refund your money if you turn out to be allergic to their earrings. The last thing you need is to waste more money on yet another unsuccessful attempt at pierced ears.

2. Find a Piercing Professional who is willing to pierce you and then put MY healing earrings into place for you.

Make sure they understand that a contact allergy specialist referred you to them for their hand piercing services. He or she will pierce you with a special hollow needle which is so sharp it is nearly painless compared to a piercing gun. The needle gently removes flesh, making room for the earring.

Avoid getting pierced by a sales clerk with a piercing-gun. A piercing-gun essentially staples an earring into the ear, causing skin tearing which may be more difficult to heal. Additionally a sales clerk at the mall has ZERO medical training. A Piercing Professional knows how to pierce your ear straight so that your earrings sit properly - and will avoid the major nerves and blood vessels in your ear.

Check the internet or your local phone book's yellow pages, under the heading of "Body Piercing Studios". If you cannot find anything under that heading, try "Tattoo & Piercing Parlors". Some Beauty Salons which offer Professional "Permanent Make-up" (facial tattoos) also employ Professional Ear Piercers. Many Doctors and Nurses also offer piercing services. As with most services, more choices are available in larger towns and cities.

Most Piercing Professionals and Doctors will want you to purchase a pair of their earrings for your new piercings. If this is the case for you, be sure you are getting Surgical Implant Grade-23 earrings for your new piercings (they do not use the pure grades of Ti and Nb that I make by hand). Not everyone has difficulty wearing this grade (recipe) of Titanium in NEW or healed piercings, but if YOU do, you can switch them out to my healing earrings.

NEVER put anything but Pure Grade 1-2 Titanium or Pure Niobium into a piercings which is currently suffering from allergic contact dermatitis.

How about piercings on children?

In some states it is allowable for children to be pierced in a professional studio as long as a parent or guardian is present and signs the paperwork. In Texas there is even a Professional Pediatric Piercing studio that is just for kids! Unfortunately, however, not all states allow minors to be pierced at a studio, even with parental consent.

"It's sad that it is perfectly OK to bring your children to a department store and have them pierced by an untrained sales clerk, but you can't let them be professionally pierced in a sterile environment by trained professionals."

In this situation, my recommendation is to take your child to a Pediatrician or Family Practitioner. Although it may be more expensive than a Piercing Studio, many perform piercings right in their office. If your Pediatrician does not perform piercings, ask the nurse or the doctor if they know of a Doctor who does. There are many of them out there. Entire cultures have their little girls ears pierced practically at birth, so just ask around, and you will find someone.

If your Doctor does not pierce by hand - at least be sure that the earrings being used in the piercing gun are Surgical Implant Grade-23 Titanium, with no other metals/alloys on the earrings but titanium. There are piercing systems out there that come with Surgical Implant Grade-23 Titanium earrings, that you can ask your doctor or nurse to obtain for you - or obtain them yourself and give it to them to use.

Please email me to discuss your particular situation. How to get pierced and put my Non-allergenic earrings in place ASAP, while following my protocol is all you need to successfully get started to Wear Earrings Again!

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