Beautiful Non-Allergenic Pierced Earrings for People Who Suffer with Metal Allergies


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All of the jewelry on this page is made of Vinyl, Medical Grade Plastic, Silicone, or Nylon. These are perfect rubber alternatives for those of us who suffer with Contact Allergies.

Tny Bio-safe flexible Plastic Hoops
Tiny 10mm (less than half inch) 4/5 flaxible Bio-safe Plastic Hoop Earrings. Perfect retainer to wear for work, sports or for active kids. Great Earlobe huggers, Cartilage hoops, or Nose rings.
Price per pair: $15.00
Choose Color:

Price per 3 pair: $30.00
Just tell me in the note section of the check out page,
which colors you want. Choose from Glow in Dark,
Pink, Purple, Lt. Blue, Dk. Blue, Mint Green or Red.

Semi-Hard Plastic Post/Pad Earrings
Clear Plastic. Wear as is or glue on your own flat back crystals. Standard post length. Clutches sold separately below.

Price per pair: $2.00

Price per 5 pair: $5.00

Larger quantities at wholesale prices are available.

Semi-soft Large Plastic Beaded Fish Hooks
Add your own light weight dangle, or hire me to add them for you. Really light weight, cute, and comfortable.
Price per pair: $2.00

Price per 5 pair: $5.00

Semi-soft Large Plastic Fish Hooks
Add your own light weight dangle, or hire me to add them for you. A bead can be slipped down the post to adorn the section above the loop. Really cute.
Price per pair: $2.00

Price per 5 pair: $5.00

Semi-soft Small Plastic Fish Hooks
Add your own light weight dangle, or hire me to add them for you. Very small and suitable for even very young children.
Price per pair: $1.00

Price per 5 pair: $2.50

4mm Soft Flower Silicone Clutches.
Soft and perfect for post earrings.

Price per pair: $1.50

Price per 3 pair: $4.00

3.5mm Soft Gnarled Clear Clutches.
Perfect for post earrings. Tighter fit.
Price per pair: $1.50

Price per 3 pair: $4.00

Thin White or Clear Wire Keepers
Very tight fit keeps your hook earrings from falling out.
Price per 1 pair: $1.50

Soft Large 10mm wide Clutches
holds larger gem-front (8mm +) post earrings upright on the earlobe.
Price for 1 pair: $2.00

Price for 3 pair: $5.00

Soft 6mm long Bullet Clutches
Perfect for post earrings, medium size is easier to grab.
Price: Per Pair: $1.75

Price: Per 3 Pair: $4.00

10mm Plastic Disks
Put on posts behind the ear before putting on a clutch, and these will hold your larger earring fronts upright, so they don't droop. Perfect for larger pearl and cabochon post earrings!
Price: Per Pair: $1.50

Got post earrings that you can't wear but just can't part with?

Here is an inexpensive option that may work for you.
Low Density Polyethyline Protective covers, slide right over
your posts and protect your ears from the alloys.
If it doesn't work, you've only spent 5 bucks.
You can always have me custom convert
your earrings for you.

2 Protectors and 2 Clutch Backs (1 pair)
Price: $5.00 per set

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