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Guarantees, Policies, and Terms Of Service:

Please read this page in it's entirety, as it explains the important conditions which govern our business transactions.

Privacy Policy:

I do not share your personal information with ANYONE. Period!

Never send your credit card numbers in an email. It is not safe nor secure to do so. Instead, only submit sensitive information through a SECURE shopping cart. You can tell when a shopping cart is secure if the address becomes HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Guarantee Policy:

1. My "starter, sleeper, and healing earrings" are guaranteed to be NON-ALLERGENIC. This guarantee applies only to earrings that are specifically labeled "starter, sleeper" and/or "healing" earrings, and refers only to the Non-allergenic property of them. This is the only 100% money back guarantee/refund that I offer.

Your first purchase with me should be (or include) a pair of Starter/Sleeper/Healing earrings. CAUTION: If you choose not to purchase a pair of my starter/sleeper/healing earrings, and instead skip my healing process and buy only Non-healing earrings, I will not be available to help you to "Wear Earrings Again" should a problem occur. Instead, fully read the "How To Wear Earrings Again" page, purchase a pair of starter/sleeper/healing earrings and follow my directions (which will arrive in the mail with your earrings). This is the only process I know for your complete success.

Here is how it works:
1a. Purchase a pair of "starter/sleeper/healing earrings" in one of the pure elements (Titanium or Niobium) from my "Starters & Sleepers" earrings page. All first time customers should follow this instruction even if you think that your piercings are currently healed.

1b. Strictly follow my care instructions which you will receive with your first pair of starter earrings. My process is pure and proven and you will be able to wear my earrings if you do not add to or subtract from my instructions. Visit my "How To Wear Earrings Again" page for more information).

1c. If you have not experienced progress and comfort within a week of wearing them, you may exchange them for an earring of the same price (or pay for an upgrade) made in the other element, at no additional charge to you except shipping & handling.

1d. If you find that you cannot comfortably wear either my pure Niobium or pure Titanium starter earrings, while following my instructions, I will refund your purchase price (not including shipping and handling charges), when you return the earrings to me with proof that you are allergic to my Titanium and Niobium earrings (and not something else that may have contacted your ears).

Proof is a copy of the results of a positive skin patch test that confirms that you are allergic to both Niobium and Titanium. Skin patch test results must disclose the facility which performed the testing, and a phone number for contact.

1e. Once you have acheived comfort, healing, or simply are used to wearing earrings again with my pure earrings in place, you can then graduate to my prettier Non-healing earrings (all other earrings) which you will surely be proud to wear.

2. I am here to answer any questions you may have and to help you get through your healing process, by providing full follow up services. The cost of this service (and many others) is included in the price of my starter/sleeper/healing earrings. Please be sure to email me if any questions or concerns arise regarding your ear piercings or my jewelry during the healing/trial period.

3. The prices of my jewelry reflect the quality of my jewelry and the fruits of my research and labor. My ultimate goal in my work is to bring us (contact allergy sufferers) comperable to fine gold and silver jewelry store jewelry, as is possible. I am a licensed Bench Jeweler (not a beading hobbyest) and I purchase ONLY the highest fine quality gemstones, pearls, and other components which are available ONLY to professionals in my trade.

My Titanium components have been designed by me and manufactured with A+ construction, to MY Non-allergenic specifications (certified) to ensure you totally NON-allergenic earrings based on my theories of "alloy allergies". My wire worked pieces are made of Pure Titanium (not alloyed - mixed with other metals) and Pure Niobium to the best of my Artisan ability.

4. I ensure that the jewelry you receive will be the item number you have ordered. If you receive earrings that are not the item number which you have ordered, please contact me immediately. You will receive your originally ordered items A.S.A.P., at no further charge, of course.
4a. Please understand that my hand made jewelry is an imperfect thing. Pictures are a visual aid and colors and sizes can be deceiving. Anodized colors vary in hue from batch to batch and gemstone colors also vary in hue. Additionally, every computer monitor display setting is different which effects the color output on the pictures you see online. Therefore colors are not guaranteed to be the exact hue as what they appear to be in pictures, they will however be very close.

4b. Niobium and Titanium do not look, feel, or bend the same way Gold and Silver jewelry does. I too wish Niobium and Titanium were prettier and more like traditional jewelry metals. However my earrings are non-allergenic and made for you by a professional jewelry artist to the very best of my ability. I do not knowingly sell substandard jewelry which I would not wear myself. If you receive substandard jewelry, please contact me immediatly so that I can repair or replace the jewelry at no additional charge to you, of course.

4c. Hand made jewelry will be made as close as humanly possible to the size and shape it is described to be according to a standard American and Metric Ruler.

5. I ensure your jewelry against design faults (example: clutches don't fit on posts, latches don't close properly, pearl came unglued, etc.) for a minimum of 30 days of receiving your jewelry. If a design fault is discovered or a breakage occurs please contact me immediately. I will repair the jewelry, or replace it with the same item minus the design fault, to the best of my ability free of additional charge, of course. If you have lost (through your own fault) or accidentally damaged the jewelry, I will repair (or replace it if I am able) for an additional fee.

6. Prices on some jewelry is subject to change. Items that I do not have in stock at the time, may only be available to me at a higher costs than when I last put the earrings up for sale on my online store pages. If you purchase a pair of earrings that I cannot make for you at the price that I have listed, I will contact you to see if you want the earrings at the higher price, or if you would like to change your order or be refunded before work begins. I ask you for this allowance in lieu of the impossible task of updating my online prices according to the ever changing costs of materials each and every day.

7. It takes time to heal and/or get used to wearing earrings again. Complete healing can happen in as quickly as 3 days, or it can take months. This usually is the result of how bad your eczema is, and/or how old you are. Healing is a process which we will experience signs of progress within the first week. Please be sure that you are willing to put forth your best efforts before you hire me to put forth mine.

8. I tend to my jewelry orders on a first paid for ~ first served basis, but I do give precedence to new customers ordering their first single pair of starter earrings, so that they can get relief as soon as possible. First time customers ordering their first single pair of starter earrings are usually processed within 24 hours when possible. Holidays and weekends require more time. See my Ordering & Shipping page for more information.
8a. For Non Healing Earrings, please allow more time for your order. It can take 2 weeks for your order to get at the top of my "first come first served" daily work list, 0 to 7 business days to obtain all components I need from my supplier to fill your order, 1 to 3 business days to create your jewelry, plus the actual shipping time. Please order gift jewelry 30 days in advance, just to be sure you will receive it in time.

9. Shipping services which are insured by The United States Postal Service cover loss or damage which happens in the mail. Should your jewelry be lost or damaged in the mail, please contact me so that we can discuss submitting a claim at the post office for refund, and the replacement of your jewelry order.

Terms Of Service:

My first priority is your healing and ability to comfortably Wear Earrings Again. But I do want you to be happy with my products and services for life. I want you to come back to shop at Maggie's again and again in the future. If a problem does arise regarding my products and services, please email me immediately so that I have the opportunity to find a satisfying solution for us both, in a timely manner.

My policy for returning jewelry. If there is a problem, first contact me as soon as you can. No jewelry should be sent to me before I have been consulted about it. I will forward shipping information to you, which I ask you to please follow exactly to insure safe transport.

My jewelry is custom created for you AFTER you order it. This means I provide a service as well as a product which is not refundable ... unlike retail items you can purchase at Wal-mart (for example).

Once your order has been paid for, the services you have hired me to perform commence and my "paycheck" (the price of your jewelry) becomes non-refundable. At this point in the process, I honor repairs, replacements, and exchanges only.

By placing an order with me, you agree to comply with all of my Guarantees, Store Policies, and Terms Of Service as outlined herein and on my Ordering & Shipping page. Please contact me before placing your order if you have any questions or concerns at all.

Thank you for your consideration of my time and costs involved in creating custom jewelry for you. I require only the minimum expectations which will allow me to stay in business helping those of us who cannot wear traditional jewelry. I will try my very best to meet your expectations in our transaction, always.

With Kindness,

Order online, by mail, by email, or by phone.
Pay online, by mail, or by phone.

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