Beautiful Non-Allergenic Pierced Earrings for People Who Suffer with Metal Allergies


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Metals & Elements
A.C.D. & Eczema
Anodized Fact vs. Myth

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Starter & Sleeper Healing Earrings
Item #'s Begining with #P-0-

Genuine & Faux Pearls on Posts
Item #'s Begining with #P-1-

Opal & Cabochon Earrings on Posts
Item #'s Begining with #P-2-

Swarovski Crystals on Posts
Item #'s Begining with #P-3-

Gemballs & Metal Balls on Posts
Item #'s Begining with #P-4-

Faceted Gemstones on Posts
Item #'s Begining with #P-5-

Dangles on Post Earrings
Item #'s Begining with #P-6-

Unique & Artistic Design Hooks
Item #'s Begining with #W-1-

Vintage Flair Designs on Hooks
Item #'s Begining with #W-2-

Tribal Style Design Hooks
Item #'s Begining with #W-3-

Charms on Hooks
Item #'s Begining with #W-4-

Simple & Classy Design Hooks
Item #'s Begining with #W-5-

Changeable Hooks & Dangle Beads
Item #'s Begining with #W-6-

Wire Hoop Earrings
Item #'s Begining with #H-1-

Tube Hoop Earrings
Item #'s Begining with #H-2-

Decorative Hoop Earrings
Item #'s Begining with #H-3-

Recently Added Items

Earrings for Kids
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Item #'s Begining with #S-0-

Earrings for Single & Trio Piercings
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18 Gauge Earrings
Item #'s Begining with #G-1-

Vinyl, Mecial Plastic, and Nylon
Item #'s Begining with #V-1-

Necklaces and Bracelets
Item #'s Begining with #B-1-

Titanium, Niobium, and
Open Work Rings
Item #'s Begining with #R-1-

Non Pierced Earrings
Item #'s Begining with #Z-1-

Alterations and Custom Creations
Item #'s Begining with #C-1-

Item #'s Begining with #G-C-

Jewelry Metals &
Elements Research

Allergic Contact Dermatitis
And Eczema Research

Bead & Stone Size Chart

Printable Measuring Tape

Swarovski Crystal Color Chart

Swarovski Pearl Color Chart

Gemstone Color Chart

Birthstone Color Chart

Gemstone Bead Chart

How To Heal Your Ears

How To
Measure Earlobe Thickness

How To
Care For Your Jewelry

How To Open
& Close Wire Hoops

How To
Wear Earscrews


Non-Toxic Cleaning
for ACD sufferers.

Printable List of
Potential Allergens

How to Get
Pierced Ears.


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